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Used Car FAQs in Fort Worth, TX

Used Car FAQs in Fort Worth, TX

In past experiences in buying used cars, you may have left feeling harassed or uneasy about the quality of your vehicle. Pushy salespeople and underlying mechanical issues are top reasons why some avoid purchasing used cars altogether. But we can promise that won’t be your experience here at Toyota of Fort Worth. Great customer service is embedded into who we are, and our used vehicles have been given several tests and inspections to ensure their safety. But you probably have more questions, and that’s not a problem. Keep scrolling below to browse our FAQ page on our used cars:

What's the difference between used and CPO?

The standards used to determine them. In order to qualify as CPO (or Certified Pre-Owned or Certified Used), the used vehicles must meet the manufacturer’s brand standards. CPO models go through rigorous testing and inspections, and any issues that our expert technicians find are repaired in our service department. Toyota requires a thorough, 160-point Quality Assurance inspection that includes meeting detailing, mechanical and appearance standards. Not only that, Toyota Certified Used models have to meet mileage and age restrictions as well.

What should I watch out for in a used car?

Several things. Inspect the exterior for extensive damage — most will have dings and dents, so look closely for big-ticket damages that are pricey to repair. Inside, inspect the carpet and upholstery for stains and smells. During your test drive, test every button and control, like the A/C, radio and cruise control, and play around with the handling of the car. Listen for mechanical issues like squealing brakes, and give the tires a good once-over, too. Always request a CARFAX history report, and if you can, take your used car to a mechanic (like those at our service department!).

How do I know that I'm getting a good deal?

Price shop. Kelley Blue Book® is an incredible resource, so once you’ve settled on the make and model of your choice, compare trims and years on KBB.com. You can also determine the car, truck or SUV’s value with KBB® by comparing it to others that have sold in the surrounding area, which will help your negotiating power with the seller.

Why should I buy from a dealership?

Toyota of Fort Worth can offer a level of peace of mind and assurance that private sellers just can’t provide. Not only are we held accountable by state law to reveal the true condition of the used car, but our on-site service technicians can show you every nook and cranny of the vehicle. Plus, we can offer special financing so you don’t have to pay with cash (and you can repair your credit score at the same time), and you can take advantage of our why buys and used car specials.

What are the benefits of buying a used car?

How much time do you have? Buying used gives you the same quality as a new car but at an affordable price. New cars are hit by depreciation fairly severely the first year, and continue a steep decline until it even out. Used cars have already gone through this decline, so they retain their value much better. Plus, the parts and services are cheaper for used, and your monthly insurance payment won’t be as high either. And finally, when you buy used, your options are much wider. You’ll have decades of vehicles to choose from, but with new, you’re stuck with that year’s updates.

Need even more benefits of buying used? Contact us online, give us a call or come see us at 9001 Camp Bowie West, Fort Worth, TX 76116. We look forward to serving our customers from Arlington, Burleson, Weatherford and Keller.